Inside Track: Your guide to Cayman property

Welcome to the first edition of Inside Track - the new guide to everything related to the Cayman property world from Ogier's specialist team.

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Inside Track features practical guidance and useful information related to buying and selling property, public access rights to beaches in the Cayman Islands and pathways to permanent residency in the Cayman Islands for investors and high net worth individuals.

We hope you find the information helpful. Should you have any questions, any suggestions for future content, or if you would like to learn more about the services offered by our team, please reach out to any member of our team listed here.

2. Best practice for buying and selling real estate in Cayman

Guest contributor James Bovell, of Bovell RE/Max Cayman Islands, provides an experienced agent's view on the roles and responsibilities of a selling and a buying agent and highlights the attributes a good agent will possess, to ensure a successful real estate transaction completed without delays.

Read the full article here: Best practice for buying and selling real estate in Cayman

3. A lender and a lawyer on what you need for a smooth transaction

Buying property can be a complicated process – in this piece, Ogier discusses finance lending with a leading expert, Amanda Bodden to explain what you need to know when embarking on a property transaction, and provide top tips for getting the best deal possible and for reducing the chance of complications. Ms.Bodden is a manager in the personal lending team at Butterfield Bank.

Read the full interview here: Buying Property in Cayman: advice from a lawyer and a mortgage lender

4. Public access rights to beaches

Recent changes to public access rights to beaches create a new mechanism for resolving disputes that are relevant not just to owners but also to potential buyers.

Read the article here: Public access rights to beaches

5. Permanent residency for investors and persons of independent means

Choosing a jurisdiction that is to become your home is about settling somewhere that works for your wealth and ultimately your family too. The Cayman Islands offers a wide range of options for applicants.

There are several options open to those considering residency - our expert team has the experience to guide you through the process.

Review our full briefing via the link below and download our helpful Residency Flowchart.

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The information and expressions of opinion contained in this guide are not intended to be a comprehensive study or to provide legal advice and should not be treated as a substitute for specific advice concerning individual situations.