We make relocating to the Cayman Islands happen

We make relocating to the Cayman Islands happen

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Choosing a location to move to isn’t just about finding a home for your wealth; it’s about finding a home for your family.

Cayman is a tax free British Overseas Territory which is consistently ranked and recognised as one of the top offshore financial centres in the world. But it’s also much more than that – Cayman is a beautiful and secure island that combines spectacular scenery, a tropical climate and stunning beaches with traditional values of respect, community and privacy.

The excellent education provision offers a choice of either the British or American school systems, and a broad range of medical services are available, with health insurance required by law.


Tax and your wealth

There are no income, inheritance, sales, corporation, capital gains or withholding taxes in the Cayman Islands.

Our High Value Residency Team can assist with the legal and regulatory aspects of your relocation to Cayman, the acquisition of your property, estate planning and, if required, the establishment of related businesses in Cayman.

In addition, as your trusted legal adviser Ogier is well placed to introduce you to local accountants, bankers, trust and investment specialists, who can help you to structure your wealth.


High Value Residency

Our High Value Residency Team has earned a leading reputation for its responsive, professional and discreet service.

We advise both domestic and international clients on buying and selling residential property in Cayman – including the most expensive property purchase in the island’s ultra-luxury property market – and our team provide not just the legal advice to guide you through the process, but also the practical, local, hands-on expertise that you need too.

And when you need outside expertise – be it trusted tax advisers, surveyors, architects, or private banks – we will open up our network of trusted experts to you.

Our wider services include advising on relocations to Cayman and high value residency applications in conjunction with trusted tax advisers, co-ordinating surveyors, architects, site and property finding professionals as well as private banks to provide a seamless and personal service to our high net worth clients.

Many wealthy or high profile clients are particularly concerned about privacy issues, and we ensure their anonymity is protected at all times.

James Bergstrom

James Bergstrom

Regional Managing Partner